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Offshore Wind Farms Basic information

Offshore wind farms consist of groups of wind turbines (wind power plants) in different numbers.



Offshore wind power plant (wind turbine) consists of:


  • Foundation - there are several different technologies used for the manufacturing of the foundations for the offshore wind turbines, application of which depends on the depth of the sea and the seabed geology in the given area.

There are several types of foundations:


a) monopile - this is a foundation of a concrete or steel base, which is appropriately drilled or driven into the seabed,


b) gravity foundation - consists of a steel or concrete base, which is laid on the seabed,


c) tripod - consists of three poles levied on or driven into the seabed,


d) quatropod - consists of four poles levied on or driven into the seabed,


e) jacket foundation.

What is more, other types of foundations such as floating foundation are now at the conceptual stage of testing or at the stage of initial commissioning.


  • Tower - which is usually a steel conical structure with a circular cross-section, consisting of a several interconnected steel or concrete segments 
  • Nacelle - in which the power generator is placed. Nacelle is located on the tower; it takes the position of wind direction 
  • Rotor - a rotor of a typical wind turbine consists of three blades made of fibreglass 
  • Hub - a central element of the rotor responsible for the rotation of the blades


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