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Guides and Guidelines





"Wind Farms Environmental Impact Assessment Guidelines" (available only in Polish), prepared by the experts of the Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ) - Maciej Stryjecki and Krzysztof Mielniczuk, in cooperation with the EIA Department of the General Directorate for Environmental Protection (GDOŚ) and consulted with Regional Directorates for Environmental Protection and the National Environmental Impact Assessment Committee, is a document, which aims at improving the environmental impact assessment procedures and the quality of the EIA reports and environmental impact forecasts.


The document refers to wind farms located onshore and covers the most important information on their impact on the environment, recommendations regarding best practices for investment project development and the estimation of the investments impact on the environment.









"Guide to the location determination and environmental impact forecasting procedures for offshore wind farms in Polish maritime areas”, elaborated by the Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ) experts in cooperation with maritime administrative authorities, environmental authorities and major scientific research facilities, is the first and only guide on the Polish market, which comprehensively describes all problems associated with the preparation and conducting the location determination and environmental procedures for offshore wind farms in Poland.


The authors of the Guide have held dozens of meetings, during which they were determining answers to countless questions associated with the practical application of the provisions on the procedures for the location and environmental decisions for offshore wind farms. The Guide presents the currents state of knowledge established during those meetings and discussions.

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