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Welcome to the website "Wind Energy Impacts"

Welcome to the website ran by the Foundation for Sustainable Energy (FNEZ). This website is a source of reliable information about the impact of onshore and offshore wind farms on the environment. We provide you with a rich library of substantial materials, current scientific publications and results of research and analyses of the impact of wind farms on particular components of the natural environment. We encourage you to study our EIA guidelines and our guide on offshore wind farms, which contain a detailed description of the course of procedures related to the impact assessment and location of wind energy investments.

Onshore wind energy

Wind farms are very complex structures, which can have an impact on the natural environment in many aspects. Due to a dynamic development of wind energy around the world, which could be observed in the recent years, many analyses and research studies have been conducted in relation to the impact of those investments on the environment and on human health.





Environmental impacts of wind farms include the following:

  • impacts on birds,
  • impacts on bats,
  • impacts on the habitats of plants and animals,
  • impacts on surface and ground waters,
  • impacts on landscape,
  • emission of noise,
  • emission of electromagnetic fields and
  • the impact on tangible assets, historic monuments and cultural landscape.

According to Polish law, wind farm projects are usually subject to a detailed environmental impact assessment. The purpose of such procedure is to select for execution such an investment option, which impacts could be minimised to the greatest possible extent. Each project is treated as an individual case and its final shape is the result of a compromise reached after thorough analyses of all environmental and social conditions and after an adjustment of the investment so that the potential negative impacts are maximally limited.

The website contains a rich library of scientific and sector publications related to the subject of wind farms impact on the natural environment and on human health. We encourage you to study the materials published on our website as they constitute a reliable source of information on the impacts of wind energy on the environment.

Go to the section dedicated to the onshore wind farms.


Offshore wind energy

Offshore wind energy is still a new topic for Poland. Within Polish maritime areas no wind energy investments have been executed as yet. On our website, however, we provide you with reliable information on the impacts of offshore wind farms on the natural environment. These information have been prepared on the basis of international scientific publications and results of studies and analyses of the environment conducted for the purpose of wind energy projects executed abroad.




This website is the only complete Polish source of knowledge in this field.

In the coming years we expect a dynamic growth of the Polish offshore wind energy sector, therefore all information on the impacts of offshore wind farms on the marine environment of the Baltic Sea within the Polish maritime areas will be regularly updated as new materials are published.

Go to the section dedicated to the offshore wind farms.

If you are interested in information on offshore wind energy, we encourage you to visit also


Guides and guidelines

Proper location of wind farms and an appropriately conducted environmental impact assessment enable the minimisation of the negative impact of such investments. Wind farms are carbon neutral sources of energy, but their construction must be preceded by detailed research and environmental analyses and a properly carried out location procedures, which take into account not only the current law, but also good practices.



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